Check Out These 6 High-Tech Pillows For The Modern Age


Remember when pillows were simply a basic tool for resting your head on at night? Well, not anymore! In our list below, we introduce you to pillows designed to prevent anything and everything from the standard stiff necks, to snoring, to even acid reflux, tinnitus, and facial wrinkles! “What?!”, I can hear your exclaiming right now as you read this. Yes, even I was shocked at first. Read on to find out more about the 6 high-tech pillows below.

  1. therapeutic-acupressure-neck-pain-pillowAcupressure Pillows – You may have heard of neck pain pillows, which are typically contoured memory foam pillows designed to provide a high level of individualized support for a person’s neck and spine. Well, say hello to the next stage in its evolution: acupressure pillows! As the name implies this pillows do come with pointy spikes (and do require a bit of a pain threshold to tolerate), although they are only designed to be used for 15 minutes a day. In addition to neck pain, these pillows claim to be able to relieve headaches as well. Needless to say, for people looking to relieve themselves of neck pain, I highly recommend this pillow! The idea behind it is similar to acupressure therapy which aims to release pain-relieving hormones using said spikes. While no study has been conducted on said pillows, one Swedish study used acupressure mats and the research showed some signs of physiological relaxation and relief from neck pain in participants.
  1. Sinus Congestion Prevention Pillow – According to Dr. Mark Aronica a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic specializing in asthma, dust mites feasting on dead skin cells are a major contributing factor to sinus congestion (yes, even if you have a hypoallergenic pillow). These pillows, or rather, pillowcases, are specifically designed to repel dust mites. However if your sinus congestion is not due to dust mites, well, tough luck!
  1. Acid Reflux Prevention Pillows – Sounds like a parody? In fact, these wedge-shaped body pillows reduce acid reflux by tilting your body, keeping the acid down in your stomach where it belongs. Their effectiveness has been called into question however, with one physician working at Cleveland Clinic’s Head and Neck Institute noting that in order to be effective, the whole bed would have to be tilted, such as using those mechanically adjustable hospital beds or the DIY solution of putting a brick underneath your headboard. He further cautions that by causing sleepers to bend at the waist, which would push stomach contents up, these pillows may actually exacerbate the condition.
  1. speaker-pillowSpeaker Pillows – These pillows do in fact come equipped with speakers for you to play your favorite white noise tunes to help you sleep, or your favorite soulful jams when it’s time to get funky in bed. However, these pillows are mostly intended to block and mask sounds that may arise from tinnitus or just a noisy bed partner. You can plug most speaker pillows directly into your audio player; some brands recommend using them to listen to language courses while asleep! Just make sure your player doesn’t get stuck or you might wake up with the ability to only say ‘Omelette Du Fromage’. Also ideal for husbands with nagging wives.
  1. Snoring Prevention Pillows – For frustrated wives to give their snoring husbands. The idea behind such pillows is to keep the person’s chin lifted away from the chest. While such pillows come in various shapes and designs, their effectiveness has not been backed by research, says Dr. Kaplan, the director of the Mayo Sleep Center. No doubt that the first person to invent an effective anti-snoring pillow would become a very wealthy person.
  1. Fountain of Youth Pillows – Both Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Blackbeard are on a quest for this booty! Just kidding, however, side sleepers are prone to developing facial wrinkles due to having their face pressed into the pillow all night long. And if you are the kind who favors one side over the other, your wrinkles will be asymmetrical to boot. Pillow manufacturers have attempted to solve this issue with two solutions: copper oxide and weird shapes. Copper oxide is said to stimulate collagen production and can be found in some specialty pillowcases. As for weird shapes, these are pillows shaped like an X or two back-to-back letter Cs, enabling someone to sleep on their side while minimizing facial contact with the pillow. The oldest fashioned way of course was simply silk or satin pillowcases.

 While the effectiveness of some of these pillows is questionable, it bodes well for comfort technology of the future. Dr. Aronica further notes the powerful placebo effect, saying that if someone believes a certain pillow would help them, it probably will.

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The Ideal Bed And Mattress For Better Sleep Quality At Night


Bed mattresses come in a huge variety of firmness, sizes and types. As such, the differences that you can experience from one bed to another are extremely significant. One might feel so soft and fluffy while another might feel rigid and hard. Both mattress types will seem perfectly fine depending on your weight, body structure and of course, your personal preference. Besides that, you may also have certain problems with say, your back.

Back pain is a real issue these days especially since it interferes with our everyday activities on a constant basis. Not many people realize however that a simple and highly probabilistic solution is readily available and it’s actually staring them right in the face every night before they head to bed.

The mattress that you lie on every night for hours and hours before the start of the next day is the most crucial factor that often causes back pain, and many studies have shown this to be true. It’s all about finding the ideal support, size, pressure point relief and alignment of your spine, all of which may sound complicated but they aren’t at all. The secret to finding the right mattress is to try them all out in person and test their firmness. Before we go on any further though, it is important that we dispel a very popular notion that many people seem to be very confident in. A firm mattress does NOT help you with your back pain. That’s right. A firmer mattress doesn’t mean that it’s giving you the much needed support. In fact, a mattress that’s only semi-firm but feels comfortable as you lie on it is the ideal one for you.


Due to this reason, the size of the mattress matters a lot, whether single, double, queen or king. If you can afford it, try to get a mattress that’s bigger relative to your size. Take a look at this mattress for example. As one of the better king size mattresses around, it has a certain firmness according to the ILD scale that is particularly suitable for back pain sufferers. Queen or even king size mattresses are also generally preferred because they allow you to move around more in bed without having to worry about accidentally bumping into your partner or worse, falling off the bed!

orthopedic-mattress-topperMost orthopedic specialists have this idea that a firm mattress usually helps with back pain and they have since preached it to every single one of their clients without doing any further tests. The majority of back pain sufferers might find it slightly helpful in their quest for this cure since sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft is inevitably one of the main causes of back pain. However, as they have found, this doesn’t completely eliminate the problem, because they still hadn’t found a mattress that has the ideal amount of support for their back. If a particular mattress is too firm, it doesn’t matter what brand or company stamp is on it. An excessive amount of pressure will still be felt on the back, which means that the problem hasn’t been fixed.

Plus, if it’s optimal comfort you’re looking for in a mattress, don’t be fooled by thinking that a higher priced mattress will equate to better sleep and health. Again, the main factor that leads to better sleep is the overall comfort that you experience while asleep. If a mattress doesn’t feel right to you, it can cost thousands and still not be suitable for you. Also, depending on your weight, the ideal mattress for you will differ as well. Memory foam mattresses, in general, will feel firmer than other types so make sure you take that into account. A 10-inch inner spring mattress might feel firm if you weigh under 70kg but a 10-inch memory foam mattress will feel significantly firmer. For the more modern mattress types such as air and water, the firmness level varies even more, but they can be adjusted easily be pumping more air or water into it. Better yet, you should try out a mattress by lying down on it for at least a couple of minutes before deciding whether it’s the right one for you.

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