2 Great Party Games For Adults For Your Next Party At Home


When you’re a kid or a teenager, parties are simply and clearly defined. Children’s party? Simple, lots of treats, candy, running around like maniacs, clowns, magic, balloons; the possibilities are endless! Teenager? Simple, some illicitly smuggled alcohol (if possible), inviting as many attractive members of the opposite sex as possible, video games if you’re going to be with your ‘bros’, and a LAN party if you’re truly nerdy. But where does that leave the adults? When you start to think about yourself as a ‘productive member of society’ with ‘many important professional responsibilities’, your so-called ‘parties’ start to resemble uptight business networking events or no different than having dinner and drinks with friends.

Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way, and we are here to save you from that mundane fate. The solution is simple; elevate your get-togethers at your house from ‘gatherings’ to ‘parties’ with the addition of party games. And lest you think that that party games are only for kids, we are here to disabuse you of that notion; there are many party games that adults will find interesting and challenging and also promote social bonding (DON’T use the word networking!). This list narrows down the top party games for adults that you can whip out at your next party at home. In this article we will also share two great party games for adults that will leave your house party being the talk of your social network for at least until the next weekend.


Guess the Movie

press-the-buzzerRequired Items


Buzzer (or any small miscellaneous object like a baseball)


  1. On each notecard, write down a movie title. Repeat until you have about 50 to 100 movies.
  2. Split your players into two teams, and note that you are the ‘game host’ and will not be directly participating. Place the buzzer or object in between the teams.
  3. The idea of the game is for each team to correctly guess the movie title, but here’s the catch: they will be going directly against the other team in a bidding war based on the number of words. If that is confusing to you, read on.
  4. Each team chooses a representative and stands or sits on either side of the buzzer or object.
  5. Choose a note card and show it to the team representatives; the moment you flash the card, the first team rep to hit the buzzer or grab the object first gets to be the first to bid.
  6. The bid will be the number of words they think they need to get their own team to correctly deduce the movie title. So for example, if the movie was Terminator 2: Judgment Day then the first rep may bid a word count of 3 (e.g. Schwarzenegger, liquid, metal). Before they present the words to their own team however, the other player gets a chance to outbid the first rep, so he or she can bid any number less than 3.
  7. The bidding war continues until one person concedes; the winning rep then gets to try to get his team to guess the movie, with the number of words he is allowed being whatever the winning bid was.
  8. If the team guesses correctly they get one point, if they guess wrongly they get zero (or you can choose to award them a negative point or the opposing team the point to make the game more exciting). If you have many players, you can even split your players into more than two teams, this will make the bidding war even more exciting!


Name that Song

Required Items

A music playing device (for maximum effect choose the playlist ahead of time to match your party’s theme e.g. Christmas, Valentine’s Day)


  1. This is another team game; split your players into two teams (or more, depending on the number of players). You yourself will be the ‘game host’ and will not be participating (that’s the cost of being a good party host!)
  2. The game is simple; you simply begin playing the songs from your playlist and the first team to shout out the name of the song and the artist gets a point each (so hypothetically speaking, one team could get a point for the song and the other for the artist).
  3. At the end of the game (which you can set based on time limits or number of songs) the team with the most points wins.
  4. If you want to make the game more challenging, you can assign additional points for other information such as: year song was released, or whether it was used in a particular movie soundtrack etc.